Finding inspiration

Finding inspiration can sometimes be difficult, and maybe found in places you didn’t expect. I can often find inspiration in other sports, and I spend a lot of time watching non-trial related sports videos. Like this morning I was doing yoga and looking at some recap of the bouldering world cup at Red Bull TV.

Randomly browsing YouTube for some inspiration, I found this clip of ski jumper Gregor Schlierenzauer. Ski jumping has long traditions in Norway, and I grew up watching the competitions on TV every weekend throughout the winter. The way ski jumpers train to become super explosive, yet maintaining a low body weight is very relevant to trials riding.

Watching this video of Gregor got me super pumped before I’m off to the gym at Atletisk Utvikling in a few minutes. I especially like when he says that performance in more important than the results in races. I’d really like that perspective. If you manage to think that way, I think the performances can give great results.

Enjoy your weekend!

Video below screenshot.

Finding inspiration in ski jumping

Do it yourself

Being a professional trials rider in Norway, you’re pretty much left all alone. I don’t have any support team behind me at all. So, when it comes to making websites, editing videos, printing shirts, making stickers, realizing projects and much more, I do it all by myself. Lately I updated my whole website, and I’m still trying to tweak things to perfection. I’ve had an interest for web design for many years, and I love all the trial and error that comes with it.

Today I’ve worked for hours to complete the collection of my latest press publications. Seems like a boring job, but I think it’s important to showcase to current and potential partners. And maybe my visitors can have a good read in some of the articles featured there. I haven’t published the page officially yet, but you can watch it here. Feel free to give feedback.

Started the day with some climbing and bouldering with Joachim. Not the best session, I guess using the Powerball before climbing is not the best idea. My forearms were so dead, I could barely grip.

klatreverket_eirik_ulltang_belaying klatreverket_eirik_ulltang_eiriktrials joachim_klatreverket_eiriktrials_ulltang_eirik

Jumping around at leg day

Just got back from another session with Eirik Sandvik at Atletisk Utvikling (Eng.: Athletic Development). Today was leg day, and as you probably know, you can never skip leg day. Started off with some box squats and depth jumps, followed by some glute ham raise, landmines and prowler. Just began a new phase, so today was first time with this particular workout. As always, Eirik Sandvik is a wizard when it comes to programming. Thank you boss!

My main focus the following months is to increase my power and strength. At the moment I feel pretty weak, weaker than before this season. But, I know the strength eventually will come. And with strength comes power, and with power comes higher jumps. I’m super motivated to increase my vertical jump, it’s kind of my Achilles heel, and has always been. I’m not expecting some big improvements over the night, but progression leads to perfection, and that’s all I wish for.

Finished the workout with ten rounds of prowler. A great tool for work capacity and strength, but maybe not the most comfortable thing you do. The good thing about the prowler is that you won’t get sore (DOMS) muscles like you might get from squats. So you can go high volume without sacrificing walking the following week.

The clip of today is three depth jumps. Haven’t been doing to many of them lately, but it has to be my favorite exercise in the gym. I’ll try to do one clip from each gym session in the future, maybe it will be fun to watch?!

It’s so much equipment you can barely walk across the room. And that’s a good thing:


Sandvik recieved his custom barbells with Atletisk Utvikling logos today. Looks neat: barbell_atletisk_utvikling_eirik_ulltang

No real leg day without the prowler:No real leg day without the prowler

Today’s outfit

No, I’m not going insane, and I will not post today’s outfit. But, I have this goal about keeping my blog game consistent. Only problem is that I sometimes don’t do much during a day. My plan today was recovery, and I really needed it after training six days in a row. Basically spent my day on the computer, sorting out some new stuff on the website. Kind of into the whole web thing at the moment, see a lot of improvements that can be done.

In the middle of all the geeking, I was browsing YouTube, where I found the first episode of Peugeot‘s Dakar show. Even though this is more of a teaser for the upcoming episodes, it’s crazy to see how much work that goes into the car. Really psyched to see how it will perform in the rally. You can see more of the car and the preparations at the Peugeot Official Tumblr blog.

peugeot_sport_red_bull_dakar_2015Really like the livery on this car, with black graphics on satin black wrap. Maybe I should do it like this on my Expert in 2015?


My daily hour of yoga

Many times in previous years I’ve tried to enhance my range of motion, but without success. I just couldn’t find the motivation for it. Maybe because it’s hard to see big improvements from day to day, so you really need to stick to it for months before you feel the difference. At least that’s how I felt it.

Late last year I finally found a way to improve my flexibility where I was motivated to continue: yoga. Not only gave yoga me the advantage of increased flexibility, but it also gave me time to relax every day, cleared my thoughts and gave me increased body awareness. When I was living in Barcelona, it was easy to do the daily session. Very few distractions, lots of spare time. But, after coming back to Norway, there were so many things to divide my attention to, that I wasn’t able to do it daily. After the season, I felt it was time for a new start. So I figured out I had to prioritize it, and I did. I’m currently one a 33 days streak of yoga now, not one single day without it.

I have a daily routine which consists of four elements. First off I start with some foam rolling. I do this for the whole body, slow and steady. After the rolling, I continue to a yoga flow. Maybe 10-15 minutes long, focusing on balance, body control and flexibility. Especially the range of motion in hamstrings and the hips. Followed by the yoga, I do some stretching of hips and hamstrings. In the end I finish with the Powerball, to increase local muscular endurance in my forearms. Really important for trials, climbing and overall arm health (to avoid tendinitis).

If you’re struggling with lack of flexibility, slow recovery and general poor body awareness, I strongly advice you to spend 20-60 mins every day for some yoga and foam rolling. If you don’t have the time during the day, do it first thing in the morning!

Looking for a yoga flow for beginners? Check out Ryan Leech’s stuff. You should also look at his blog, lots of interesting writing.

Yes, this is a namaste with a certain ironical distance:Namaste - yoga cycling trials ridingPracticing the downward facing dog somewhere along the Riviera:Yoga downward facing dog

Riding indoor trials again

For the first time in 2014, I was actually forced to ride indoor today. The trials area outside was covered in snow, and it was raining. But, that doesn’t mean indoor riding is boring. We had an awesome group ride, where we were six riders in the end. That’s a lot in a Norwegian trials perspective.

Kind of missing Barcelona at days like this.The same time last year, I was riding in sunny weather in the best trials parks in the world. But, I can’t complain. I train really well at the moment, see my girlfriend every day, and feel the progression coming in a lot of qualities I need to become a better rider.

Erik side hopping to rear:


Me gapping to front:IMG_1867It’s quite nice here actually, lots of fun and challenging lines:The indoor.

Today’s group of riders:Riding trials indoor.