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Photo: Thomas R. Aasen

Photo: Thomas R. Aasen (high res. photo on request)


irik Ulltang is a professional trials rider from Norway. He started riding trials around 2000, getting his first trials bike in 2003. Eirik was the first Norwegian riding a UCI Trials Worldcup, ending up at 43rd place in Aalter, Belgium in June 2012. The same year he managed to place first in four out of five Norwegian Cups in the elite category, and taking the overall win in the first Norwegian Cup in the history. Also, he participated in the European Championship in Germany the same year, where he got 18th place. He’s currently ranked as number 23 among elite 26″ riders in the world (UCI, June 2013). Besides doing competitions, Eirik’s also an ambassador for the sport. He’s organizing a lot of events and competitions in Norway. He took the initiative and organized the first official trials competition in Norway, in June 2011, a competition he won aswell. Also, he’s doing shows and workshops, and hosting his own event, called Fjordtrial, a camp where young riders can train with the elite riders and have a good time.


Full name: Eirik Ulltang

Born: April 1990

Started riding: 1995

First trials bike: Echo Pure (2003)

Current bike: Crewkerz Cleep

Weight/height: 75kg/180cm

Favorite food: mexican

Favourite drink: Red Bull

Music: Rap and rock pretty much, from Rolling Stones to Notorious B.I.G.

Other interests: physical training, climbing, skiing, mountainbiking

Occupation: professional trials rider (since 2012)

Club: Hardanger Sykkelklubb

Physical coach: Eirik Sandvik

Ambitions: compete at the highest level, making the sport of biketrial grow, explore the world on a trials bike.

Inspirations: Hans “No Way” Rey, César Cañas, Kazuki Terai, Kenny Belaey



- 18th in the UCI World cup overall standing

- 28th at UCI World cup #5 in elite 26″

- Overall winner NorwegianCup in elite

- 1st at Norwegian cup #5 in elite

- 27th at UCI World cup #4 in elite 26″

- 1st at Norwegian cup #4 in elite

- 41th at UCI World cup #3 in elite 26″

- 12th at BIU World Championship #1 in senior

- 16th at BIU European Championship in senior

- 3rd at Norwegian cup #3 in elite

- 17th at UCI European Championship in elite 26″

- 24th at UCI World Cup #2 in elite 26″

- 1st at Norwegian Cup #2 in elite

- 33rd at World Cup #1 in elite 26″

- 2nd at NorwegianCup #1 in elite

- 6th at Copa Osona #2 in expert


- 1st at NorwegianCup #1 2012 in elite

- 1st at NorwegianCup #2 2012 in elite

- 1st at NorwegianCup #3 2012 in elite

- 1st at NorwegianCup #4 2012 in elite

- 1st at Norwegian Championship (unofficial) 2012 in elite

- Overall winner of the first NorwegianCup 2012 in elite

- 2nd at NorwegianCup #5 2012 in elite

- 18th at the European Championship 2012 (UCI) in elite 26″

- 3rd at the European Biketrial Cup (round 2) 2012 in senior

- 4th at the Area Indoor Gotherburg 2012 in elite

- 4th at the Swedish Championship (round 1) 2012 in elite

- 2nd in speedtrials at Ekstremsportveko 2012

- 38th at UCI Trials World Cup in Geneva, Switzerland in elite 26″

- 43th at UCI Trials World Cup in Aalter, Belgium in elite 26″ (first Norwegian ever)


- 1st at the Extremesportsweek 2011 in elite (1st NC)

- 2nd at Oslo Ride 2011 in elite (2nd NC)

- 11th at European Championship (BIU) 2011 in senior

- 3rd in speedtrials at Extremesportsweek 2011

- 5th at the Swedish Championship 2011 (final round) in elite


- 4th at Oslo Ride 2010 in elite

- 5th at Swedish Championship 2010 (final round) in elite


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