Photo bonanza

Thought I could do a little photo bonanza here, as there’s been not much time for blogging lately. At Sunday me, Tone, Mads and Tore went out to the shore and open sea. Found this incredible beautiful spot, such a great place. Enjoy the photos, all by amazing Tone!

Norwegian cup wins

Saturday and Sunday was the second and third leg of the Norwegian cup. Super sunny, lots of riders (for Norway) and hard sections. I was really motivated for the first race, as I’m always chasing the perfect trial. I don’t want to compete against my opponents, I want to do a clean race. Unfortunately I

Exploring rocks

One of my biggest motivations in trials, are exploring new spots and terrain. Especially finding new rocks is one of the best things I know. Yesterday I was looking for a new spot to ride on, where I could challenge my skills and get a good test before the Norwegian cups this weekend. I wanted to find

Scenic ride

Yesterday was my last day of hard training before the upcoming Norwegian cups this weekend. I feel well-prepared, and I’m really psyched to do some races. Body feels quite good, and technically I’m better than ever. I’ve really tried to tune the bike recently too, and even shed off some weight in a few places. Now

Post-comp session

After the finals Sunday, me, Joacim, Jonas and Simone, aka Team Skandinavia/Skandinavitrials/Skandaltacktical, did a session in the sections. Here are some images! Chatting (all photos: Tone): Me: Joacim: Jonas: Simone: Denmark and Sweden leaving: Team Skandinavitrials looking bizz:

Better, but far from good enough

Today I did my third European Championship so far in my life. I 2014 I got 18th place, last year I got 17th, and today I got 16th. You could see it as progression, but as every race is different, is quite hard to compare. And, today I rode really bad. Only got through one