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Way back home: In Switzerland

This morning a left my flat in Barcelona permanently. My duty down there was over, and the riding conditions in Norway are now perfect. Also I miss Norway, friends, family and girlfriend a lot. It was time to return. But my time in Spain has been great, and I want to say thanks to all

Last week of hard work in Catalonia

There you go, my last week of hard work is done here in Barcelona. Ended up with 18 hours of trials riding, which I’m quite satisfied with. Not always an easy task to motivate yourself for three hours of riding in the woods. But I managed it, and it’s been a week with much variation

Back in Barca

Super busy weekend is over. Saturday I did six shows in six hours. Every our from. 15:00 to 20:00 they had a price giving ceremony, and I was a part of all of them. From Ål I went straight to Oslo, got four hours of sleep before I was Barca bound again. Yesterday I was

Norway weekend

The last 48 hours has been quite hectic. Wednesday afternoon I left Tone, her grandmother and Alicante, and drove up to Barcelona. Due to some strange weather systems from Sahara, it was raining dirt. My Expert didn’t look anything close to white when I arrived Barcelona, at about 00:30. Then I went straight to bed,

Maximum intensity

Today I tried a new interval training protocol: ride technical trials in 2,5 min (constant movement), rest 1 min and repeat four times. I chose a quarry along the shore, with sharp and technical rocks. Pretty much the toughest time I’ve had on a trials bike ever. My maximum heart rate is 193 bpm, I

Photo bonanza from Alicante

I’m very fortunate to have a girlfriend which has a big talent for photographing. With not much experience, she manages to capture the exact moment I like to share from my riding specifically, and in trials generally. Also she documents really well how my riding sessions takes place and evolve. Today I was street riding,