Sandvik’s super gym


So nice to catch up with Eirik Sandvik himself, and hit his super gym again. I think you have to look quite far to find something similar in Norway, when it comes to equipment and knowledge.

Superspeed Sunday


When me and Joacim arrived Oslo airport last night, none of our five bags were there. Kind of a bad situation, as I was going to do two shows this morning. We managed to handle the situation, and we could pick up the bags next morning when the first flight arrived, at 09:25. At 11:15

Worldcup: Finally top 20


I’m so proud that I managed to reach one of my main goals for 2014 today: being top 20 in a world cup. I rode very close to my best, and managed to get a 19th place in the semi finals. First lap started off great, with only two penalty points in the first section.

Worldcup: Ready for semi finals!


Finally did I manage to put together some good riding, and qualify for the semi finals. With a strong field of riders, I’m pretty psyched to do so. The first lap started ok, with two points in the first section. Then I cleaned the follwing two sections. Fourth section (“The Norwegian section”) had some pretty

No sleep, lots of driving


I have to start this blog post the way I promised myself to never do: sorry for being so bad at updating lately. I guess the two main reasons are that I’ve been quite busy, but also that I don’t find any of the stuff I do cool enough for the blog. But, the latter

Photo bonanza


Thought I could do a little photo bonanza here, as there’s been not much time for blogging lately. At Sunday me, Tone, Mads and Tore went out to the shore and open sea. Found this incredible beautiful spot, such a great place. Enjoy the photos, all by amazing Tone!